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Phoenix Rising

Life is never static. We have certain sets and parameters that act as guardrails to keep our lives within certain boundaries. We rely on these to bring us peace of mind, assuring us we are seemingly not alone. These rails, whether your own moral compass, family, friends, societal expectations, possessions, or a combination of them all, are our safety net. However, are you truly ready for those unknown changes and challenges that can cause your world to be turned upside down? Are you so reliant on those external guardrails that losing them can end in loss of control and lead you down an unknown path in which tragedy is a distinct possibility. After the many ups and downs in my life, I have come to the realization that the only true constant companion is our own God given strength and an unfettered belief in him. Friends, family and possessions come and go. Strength and the belief in a higher power, enable us to confront the most daunting challenges with courage and love. The Phoenix sculpture above represents, to me, my rebirth as an artist/sculptor and more importantly, a believer. Remember, there is always light if you are looking in the right place. Cheers to new beginnings!

Special thanks to fellow artists Sergio Carvajal and Ender Martos who collaborated on this piece. I am grateful for their friendship.

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