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Celebrating My New Birthday

Actualizado: 6 ene 2022

There are two events in my life that changed the course of my existence.

The first event was the death of my baby.

He was just about ready to come to this world, when my first wife had a very traumatic late-term miscarriage. This life-shattering event plunged me into a destructive spiral that would end my marriage and unravel a sequence of events that culminated in my accident.

The other event was my accident; the day I died and was given a second chance.

It is hard for people to internalize that I am just about to turn 11 years old. The Patrick that existed before 2011, was killed by a 400lbs camera boom at a SXSW concert of his favorite band.

On March 19th of this year, I am beginning a new tradition of celebrating my new real birthday.

I have been done for a while with pretending to be someone I am unable to be.

There are many elements of my old life that are still a part of me, but my brain has been realigned, my perspective has shifted, and my priorities have been reset.

The new Patrick is an artist. A young I am JUST turning 11!

Someone who no longer fears death, and no longer blames anyone - or God - for what happened to his son.

The new Patrick creates, and shares his creations with others, so they also understand this insane process that has been to die, and to be born again.

Here’s to many new adventures. See you at my birthday, stay tuned for more information.

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