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11th Birthday Party Invite

As unveiled some posts ago, this year I have decided to celebrate my 11th Birthday party. On March 19th 2022, it will be 11 years since that camera crane fell on my head at the OMD show in SXSW 2011, fundamentally changing my life.

This will be an exclusive art gathering with very limited availability.

If you want to go, I recommend you get a ticket now:

Address of the party will be sent out a few days prior to the date.

During the party I will be showing a few new pieces I have created for my celebrated Black & White series, as well as a piece from a potential new series that I've been calling "Unscarred."

I'm super excited also that we'll be showing work from my favorite artist in Texas, the very multi talented and now world-famous Ender Martos. He will be also showing the premiere of his latest artist video statement about his new massive sculpture "Rebirth of Technology". Ender's video-statement is only available through his showings, so you can only see it by being there.

Last, but not least, i'm very happy we will have some selected pieces by Dutch Texan artist Steef Crombach. She is a fantastic human being and incoming star.

My sincere apologies in advance if tickets run out and you're unable to make it into this party. There will be more opportunities soon!

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