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The Rebirth of Technology

As you may know, lately I have been collaborating with the incredible artist Ender Martos. We are working on producing a couple of pieces together for his upcoming show Paradigm Shift in Fort Worth, Texas, and we are planning something HUGE for our Duo show in Houston, Texas next year.

This month Ender unveiled one of the most striking pieces of public art that Texas now has, it is called the Rebirth of Technology and it graces the entrance of the new Headquarters of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. One of my beautiful B&W paintings are also inside that building next to the office of their CEO Antonio Neri; however, Ender's piece is really front and center. It provides the visual identity of their entire campus.

Here's an amazing short film that will tell you more about it. We unveiled it at my 11th Birthday Party last month, and now I'm sharing it with you. Enjoy:

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