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When I close my eyes, I see forms, shapes, concepts and ideas interacting and clashing against each other. It is a violent battle that ultimately produces beauty. Transcribing these processes into different media for others to experience is both my burden and overall purpose on earth.



"Like Expressionist predecessors such as Still and Mark Rothko, Fagerberg approaches abstraction as an act of representing fundamental natural processes and moments of becoming. The images inspire the viewer to create a complete scene, including a fantasy of merging with the mysterious design of something larger than the self.

This is a transcendent experience, a sublime experience" 


Dr. Taci Rosolowski - Renowned Art Critic

“Patrick's art has been a gift in my life.  It is so remarkable and moving that

I am convinced it is the truest representation of the mysteries and wonders of nature”


Ron Gremillion - Texas Art Pioneer

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Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in the house of painter Roberto Montenegro, Patrick was perhaps always destined to be an artist.  Nonetheless, the prophecy would only materialize after a four hundred pound camera crane fell on his head, killing his old self, unleashing the hidden talents inside of him and turning him into a confirmed rare case of acquired savant.  


Patrick's story is as remarkable as his artwork.  His astonishing paintings have been celebrated all over the world and become a must-have for sophisticated art collectors.

Also known for his inventions and explosive personality, Patrick is ultimately a prolific interdisciplinary artist that uses multiple media to overwhelm the viewer's senses. He is either a fluke of the universe, or a calculated product of a higher power.

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Life is a wave, ride it while it lasts. I almost died and now see every new day as a gift.  Read this blog to get a raw and uncensored account of my thoughts and adventures.


Coming Soon... 

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Patrick's mind is one of the most complex systems I have seen in decades of professional experience.  It is a Pandora's box with its floodgates wide open. His entire life story is one that defies the boundaries of reality".

Jacqueline James-Friedman MS LMHC MFT

Therapist and Founder of Walk the Path To A Better Future.



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Thank you!

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